Toddler Program

Toddler Program Ages: 2-3 years

Our Toddler program in Fullerton is created to support the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth of the child with in the facility.
The Toddler classroom setting is child centered and developmentally as well as individually appropriate. The toddler will have access to age appropriate toys, books and various other learning tools would encourage hands-on learning they will be encouraged in developing mobility and basic self- help skills.
We will emphasize in building a consistent, secure, safe and a trusting environment for the child through their interaction with our qualified, experienced and caring staff in a child–centered program.

Toddlers will have their own separate play–yard equipped with toys to encourage gross motor skills. The play yard is covered with soft foam padding for extra safety and comfort.
Potty Training is an important part of our Toddler Program. Teachers will encourage children by taking them to the restroom at regular intervals. Ratio in toddler program is 4:1.

LIC No: 304270977