We know raising kids is hard. For some reason nature created a system in which kids have boundless energy and parents have very little. If you have found yourself desperate for a break, you may want to consider letting someone else handle toddler care for just a few hours a week.

Using Child-Free Time Wisely

For some people, sending their child to daycare or preschool can cause feelings of guilt or trepidation, but we feel this needn’t be the case. A good daycare or preschool can give you and your toddlers a much needed break from each other and create a more harmonious relationship when you are reunited.

Medical professionals all over the world have stressed the importance of caretakers having “me time.” In order to properly care for children, adults need to have a balanced life including adequate sleep, exercise, and relaxation time. By letting someone else care for your children just a few hours a week, you can rejuvenate yourself, achieve life balance, and be a healthier, more energetic parent.

Allowing your children some time outside the home can also give you a chance to keep your household in better order. It gives you time to clean and, perhaps more importantly, to prepare nutritious snacks and meals that will benefit your family all week long.