It’s no secret that our education system puts the emphasis on learning during the teenage years. This is a huge mistake. Never are children so able and eager to learn as they are during the preschool years. The connections preschool-aged children make every day are astounding. Not only are their brains developing faster than they ever will, they are also learning more about the world around them than teenagers or adults can possibly dream of. During these formative years, children will learn many things, and finding the right preschool to help them on their journey is of the utmost importance.

Social Skill Development

Perhaps one of the most important things that children will learn is how they fit into their world. Up until this point, everything your child has known has been familiar. When your child enters preschool, however, he or she will come up against different ideas, behaviors, and values. This introduction to “the other” will help your child develop identity, self-esteem, and confidence. Interactions with other children will also help your child learn to resolve conflicts. We know that the social intelligence your child gains in preschool will equip him or her for the challenges ahead.

Basic Academic Skills

When it comes to basic academic skills, we can expect children to begin doing things like recognizing the numbers one through 10. One of the most challenging skills for children to master is correctly counting objects in these quantities. Helping a child move from basic number recognition to the ability to correctly count objects is one of the most important milestones we can expect them to reach during this time of their lives.

Recognizing letters is another incredibly important skill we work on with children to achieve. During their preschool years, children should be able to correctly identify all of the capital letters and should begin recognizing a few of the lower case letters. We also expect some preschoolers to begin matching sounds to letters.

For more information on what you can expect from your child during this amazing time, feel free to contact our committed staff.