At Kids Adventure Preschool, we are committed to providing the best care for your children that we possibly can. One way we ensure that we can do this is by only hiring the best infant care professionals out there. We want your child to be in good hands at all times, and we never want you to have concerns about where your child is. There are many reasons to trust our infant care professionals with your child, but here are five of them.

Why Trust Us?

1. All of our professionals are fully qualified Early Childhood Educators. Because they have been qualified as educators, they have committed to learning how to teach and care for children up to the age of eight. They know how to uniquely care for each child due to his or her own needs. They are fully committed to the education and care of your child. During their qualification, they have received the experience and knowledge necessary to do this well.

2. All of our professionals have passed a thorough criminal background check. You can trust that your infant is in the hands of a trustworthy person without any unwanted surprises or a worrisome past. We are dedicated to only putting your child in the care of someone that you can feel comfortable with.

3. Each professional here gives every child the appropriate guidance to build self-esteem and motivate them to learn. When they care for your infant and provide them with guidance as they get older, you can expect your child to have the best start possible. This time of your child’s life can be the most important in his or her development, and our professionals will give your child the tools needed to focus on education and be successful.

4. We offer enough professionals to ensure that your child gets the attention he or she needs. We follow state requirements when it comes to having an appropriate ratio of children to teachers. For all children under five years old, there is no more than 12 children to one teacher. Your child will not be lost in the crowd or ever be left unattended.

5. Our professionals genuinely care about the children that they work with every day. We have only hired passionate people who love children and will treat them as their own person. You can trust that your child will be cared for in the best way possible while at our preschool.